Hashtag research and strategy

It's not enough to just have good content, you need to get your killer content in front of potential followers or new customers. Using the proper hashtags is the easiest and most organic way to grow your account. It is 100% approved by I.G. and is the most effective way to gain maximum exposure through I.G's algorithm.

Save yourself the hours of conducting hashtag research yourself, and let us do the hard work for you!

  • Package includes:

-Detailed hashtag report of 100-300 hashtags that are optimized for your account and niche 

-Effortless Digital Hashtag Strategy Guide and step by step instructions on how to use your optimized hashtags

-Get into the β€œtop 9” for your niches hashtags

-Gain more organic likes and followers

-Improve your engagement

social signals

The new Instagram algorithm has decreased the amount of likes per photo that people get. Without enough likes, your photos will never hit the explore page and if you have purchased followers or are selling products you might have a low engagement rate (number of people that like your posts or content).

So we have created our own network of real accounts that deliver up to 1,000 likes per photo automatically every time you post.

What does this do for your account? It sends a social signal, or "proof",  to potential followers or buyers of whether or not your account and or product is worth following or purchasing products from.

Having enough likes per photo also allows you to get into the "top 9" of hashtags for your posts. Getting your content or product in the eyes of thousands more potential followers or clients!

100 likes per post

$19.99 FREE
  • No cost!
  • Just join our automated engagement group
  • Give a like Get a like!
  • No more leeches in your group!
  • No contract
  • Cancel anytime

250 likes per post

$19.99 a month
  • 100% dripfeed likes
  • No need to join our engagement group
  • 4 posts per day
  • No more leeches in your group!
  • No contract
  • Cancel anytime

1,000 likes per post

$74.99a month
  • 100% dripfeed likes
  • No need to join our engagement group
  • 4 posts per day
  • No more leeches in your group!
  • No contract
  • Cancel anytime
  • Best for hitting explore pages!

+ How many pictures or videos can I post per day?

Your daily limit of posts that will get likes is 4 per day. Any additional posts made, you will need to upgrade your plan.

+ How often can I change my username?

You can change your username once per month.

+ Does my account have to be set public, or can it be set to private?

In order for our system to detect your most recent uploads, your account must be set to public to ensure our system can detect any new activity in order to send your requested amount of likes.

+ How do you deliver real likes?

Unlike most other services out there, we do not use fake accounts to deliver your likes. We have our own engagement group network and whenever you share a new post, we show it to the users in our network to be liked on the next round. If they've opted in to our Like Program, they'll give your post a like.

+ Will my account get banned or disabled?

Likes delivered from our network are real and the accounts they are delivered from are run by real people. Our system is safe and will not get your account banned or disabled.

+ Do I need to give you my password?

Definitely not. Your password is completely confidential. All we require is your username.

+ How fast will I receive my likes after I upload a picture or video?

Once your photo is posted, our program detects your new post and notifies our network of users of your post every half hour. Depending on how many likes you have requested, the likes will be delivered in a method that will be optimized your post for maximum exposure on Instagram.

Likes will be delivered in:

  • 100 likes will be delivered over 30 to 60 minutes
  • 250 likes will be delivered over 30 to 60 minutes.
  • 500 likes will be delivered over 61 to 90 minutes.
  • 1,000 likes will be delivered over 91 to 120 minutes.

+ What is your refund policy?

We pride ourselves in offering the best return policy. If for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied with your first 30 days of your new subscription, simply notify us and we will work with you until you are satisfied!

+ How do I cancel my subscription?

When you sign up, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail which will include a link to cancel your monthly subscription. Once you have cancelled, you will not be billed again and your subscription will remain active until the date that you subscribed on the following month. If you have any problems or concerns, please contact us.