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The more detailed information you provide us the quicker we can set up your account and the better results you will receive. If you don’t know the answer to any of the questions, no need to panic as we are here to help! Just help us learn as much about you, your goals, and your brand as possible.

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+ How do you know who to target?

You'll have to do a little research on the hashtags and usernames of accounts you want to target. The quality and number of followers you gain will rely on the types of hashtags and usernames you provide. We have done lots of keyword research and will also assist in targeting followers of those hashtags.

+ What is a "target" account?

A target account is an Instagram user or influencer that your account strives to be like, or your potential followers follow.

Even if you want your brand or account to be unique, there are Instagram or Twitter accounts out there that you'd like yours to be like, or that you follow for inspiration. Please list those. Not giving us the information makes it harder for us to deliver the results you are looking for.

+ How many hashtags and target accounts do I need to provide to Effortless Digital to get started?

We ask for your top 20 hashtags that define your niche, split between very large and smaller and more niche hashtags. If the hashtag has too few users you will likely see bad results. We also ask that you send us at least 20 accounts that are similar to yours in terms of content or niche. However the bigger the account the better. A good rule is that they have at least 20k followers and 1k+ likes per photo. Unsure of how to use hashtags or what a target account is? Just fill out the questionnaire as best you can, we've already done a ton of research so we can help you do research based on your niche!

+ Why should I unfollow people who don't follow me back?

In our opinion, you shouldn't follow people that don't follow back if you have a negative ratio. They aren't following you back, or even interacting with your account, so it's best to not follow them anyway. There are always accounts you will want to follow, they might be family, friends, co-workers, or perhaps they just inspire you, and that's fine, we can make sure they never get unfollowed.

+ Will you unfollow people I am already following?

For certain packages, we highly recommend unfollowing anyone who doesn’t follow you back first. We suggest allowing us to unfollow anyone who does not follow you back on setting up your account. The better your ratio when you start, the easier it is to get new followers. Unfollowing current accounts who don't follow you back is critical to accounts that have a poor initial ratio or following.

We create a white-list of followers that your accounts were following at the time of on-boarding and make sure to never unfollow them. We strongly suggest not using it, that way if anyone unfollows you, you'll unfollow them back helping you keep your accounts clean and full of interested followers.


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