Instagram for small businesses

Are you a small business with little to no time to grow and manage your Instagram?

Let the professionals at Effortless Digital help you! We have 4 options for you to choose from.

Time is money, make your Instagram work for you.

1 Month

$214.97 1st month
  • $154.98 a month recurring after
  • $5.16 a day or $53.75 a week
  • Little more than a large Latte from Starbucks
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Includes Hashtag research, Effortless Growth, Social Signals, Deep optimization and our Clean Ratio Guarantee
  • No contract
  • Reach out to 30,000+ potential new followers or customers
  • Auto - renew monthly billing.

3 Months

$148.97 a month
  • 15% discount off our monthly price
  • $4.96 a day or $37.25 a week
  • About about the price of a Large Latte from Starbucks.
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Includes Hashtag research, Effortless Growth, Social Signals, Deep optimization and our Clean Ratio Guarantee
  • 3 month contract
  • Reach out to 90,000+ potential new followers or customers!
  • Super Targeted demographic


$79.99a month
  • $79.99 a month recurring after
  • $2.63 a day or $19.99 a week
  • Little more than a cup of coffee from Starbucks
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Includes Effortless Growth, Deep optimization, and our Clean Ratio Guarantee
  • No contract
  • Reach out to 30,000+ potential new followers or customers
  • Auto - renew monthly billing.

Included in all small business plans is everything you need to succeed at Instagram!


Effortless Growth is our super targeted engagement program where we find 100% real and organic potential followers and potential buyers for you. We reach out to over 30,000 new users per month. Get your content in front of Millions of daily Instagram users. It's never been easier to become an influencer or create a brand on Instagram!

Find targeted new followers or potential customers in your niche.

Custom unfollow options.

Target by hashtag, followers of accounts, gender, or geo-location.

Dedicated account manager.

100% Organic Growth. No fake followers or bots.


What is it and how does it help grow my account, business or brand?

While we do extensive research, not every source of potential followers produces the same results. So we take all the data, analyze it, and remove sources that do not produce a followback or engagement. That way your likes or follows produce the best results!


Some people follow more accounts than follow them, or even worse, some services can leave your account following more people than you started with. We guarantee that when you stop using our service you will have a healthy and positive ratio which is a social signal of how good your brand is!


It's not enough to just have good content, you need to get your killer content in front of potential followers or new customers. Using the proper hashtags is the easiest and most organic way to grow your account. It is 100% approved by I.G. and is the most effective way to gain maximum exposure through I.G's algorithm.

Save yourself the hours of conducting hashtag research yourself, and let us do the hard work for you!


-Detailed hashtag report of 100-300 hashtags that are personalized and optimized for your account and niche

-Effortless Digital Hashtag Strategy Guide and step by step instructions on how to use your optimized hashtags

-Get into the “top 9” for your niches hashtags

-Gain more organic likes and followers

-Improve your engagement

More on Hashtag Research


Social Signals on Instagram are likes per photo that you receive. So we have created our own network of real accounts that deliver up to 1,000 likes per photo automatically every time you post!

What does this do for your account? It sends a social signal, or "proof", to potential followers or buyers of whether or not your account and or product is worth following or purchasing products from.

Additionally, having enough likes per photo allows you to get into the "top 9" of hashtags for your posts thereby getting your content or product in the eyes of thousands more followers or clients.

Our package includes up to 1,000 likes per photo, on up to 4 photos per day. Perfect for increasing social proof and hitting the "top 9" for hashtags!

More on Social Signals


When you sign up with us, one of the first things we do is to create a backup of your account with all of your photos, original captions and hashtags. That way if your account ever gets hacked for any reason we can easily get you back up and running without the need for you to post, caption, edit or do hashtag research!

+ How it works

We use growth hacking techniques, the power of the theory of reciprocity, and merge them with the principles of targeted advertising. Together it makes for a powerful combination, and one that increases your followers by 200 – 1000+ new, real and organic followers per month who are interested in you, your brand, or your content.

Our program is run by your account manager and emulates your behavior by completing whatever actions you want. It will auto like, auto follow, and auto unfollow. Think of our program as you, but with the ability to work around the clock, all day everyday. We can follow only active users of target accounts, users that follow certain hashtags, or even accounts based on what location users are posting from!

These are the tools you need to reach your Social Media goals on a consistent basis; no matter whether that goal is getting more likes, readers or sales. Our program works 24/7 engaging on your behalf, and it creates real organic followers, leads and generates website traffic no matter what your product or service is, or even if you just want to grow or fix your Instagram.

+ What actions do you take with my account?

Liking, Following, Unfollowing and how we use them to grow your account.

+ How does this help grow my account?

We do not sell followers or likes, we create engagement on the social media platform by liking and following. You’ll grow lots of new, real, and 100% organic followers. You will also be engaging with your current ones, thereby increasing your overall engagement rate and reminding them of your content and products.

How? Social Media works on the theory of reciprocity. Your followers, potential new followers or clients will get notifications that you’ve engaged with them in a likeor follow and you’ll get notifications that lots of them have returned the favor! All without having to lift a finger.

+ Like

Effortless Digital can like posts and videos using your account. Users you have liked will get a notification on their accounts that you have liked their photos or videos.

Ways we can “like” for you.

• By Hashtags

• By Locations

• By Followers/Followings of usernames

• Latest content of your followers

+ Follow

Effortless Digital can follow other users accounts on your behalf.

Ways we can follow for you.

• By Hashtags

• By Locations

• By active Followers/Followings of usernames

+ Unfollow

Effortless Digital can unfollow users using your account. This will create a better follower ratio, keep your follower ratio clear, or create room so that you can grow your accounts. It will do this all automatically, no need to cross reference, log in daily or hourly, we do it all for you quickly and efficiently.

Ways we can unfollow for you.

• Users that do not engage with your posts or account

• Unfollow users followed through our service

• Unfollow all users who don’t follow back

• Unfollow all users from your followings list

+ What's the fastest way to grow real and genuine followers, and not bots or ghost accounts?

The fastest way would be to become a celebrity. In the real world, it takes time and or money. There are books that "teach" you how to Instagram that cost over $150 and get you nowhere.

In using our technique and program, we were able to rank our travel blog on the front page of Google results in just a few months!

No, we aren't "bots" nor do we turn your account into one. We do have your account like and follow, all while it does research on potential clients or followers. Basically all of the things that take time or apps to do. You are still in control of your account.

+ Can I grow real followers through only likes and follows?

Yes you can! Just by liking and following, you can increase followers dramatically. You will also save time by not having to find a hashtag or account, then like each individual photo or follow an account in hopes of attracting them to your account. It's a gentle way to reach out to potential followers, think of it as a way to say "Hi!". You'll also save time by not having to like your followers posts. It will do it all for you, thereby creating and keeping real and interested followers.

+ Who is this service for?

We are travel bloggers, and we initially developed it for us to get readers to our travel blog, but our service works for everyone! We've used it successfully to grow small businesses, travel bloggers, photographers, and even regular users. All of them grew thousands of real and interested followers!

+ Will the followers I get be real or bots?

We can't control if another account that follows you is a bot. However, we have settings in place that help prevent you from following or engaging them in any manner. Our complex algorithm avoids following private accounts, no profile picture, no bio, they must have a minimum number of posts (unless requested) and inactive accounts. These are all signs that an account is a spam account, dormant, a bot or an inactive or casual user.

We also target active followers of the target accounts. That is, users who have interacted with the target accounts in the last 72 hours. That way you know you will be receiving active, high quality, and engaged followers. We can't analyze each user that that chooses to follow you. Some accounts may possibly be bots. But they would be high quality bots if they were!

+ Other companies offer similar services, why should I choose yours?

Well the answer will vary depending on your personal needs, but here's what we found:

Other offerings were very slow. Even at optimized settings, the speed was far below what we offer. It would take 2 - 4 times longer to see the same results, often for more money.

Similar services will still follow "junk" accounts just to deliver results so you are satisfied. Did you want real followers? Or did you want spam, bot accounts, or to follow private users that aren't active and will likely unfollow you very quickly?

For our basic packages, we help you based on your input. Premium services come with a consultation so that we can optimize your results. Partial and fully managed accounts always receive a dedicated Social Media specialist to bring your campaign to life!

Some companies just take what we do and make you subscribe to multiple places for the same thing, costing you far more, for far less.

We employ Keebler elves, they live in a cohabitation with killer Wi-Fi and subsist off cookies and magic, so they really don’t need much money.

+ Why don't you offer a dashboard or an app?

The market is saturated with low quality "gain follower" apps, schemes and tricks. In order to provide real, quality results, we do all the work to ensure you are satisfied!

We don't offer a "dashboard", because the average user may not know how to use the tools available to see results. For "pro" level users, we can customize (and we do) every aspect to create results and make your campaign effective. Your hiring us to do all the work so that you don't have to!

And we believe the best way to measure results is to check your dozens of notifications on your phone! If it's not constantly notifying you, then your probably not getting the results you need or deserve.

+ What is a "target" account?

A target account is an Instagram user or influencer that your account strives to be like, or your potential followers follow.

Even if you want your brand or account to be unique, there are Instagram or Twitter accounts out there that you'd like yours to be like, or that you follow for inspiration. Please list those. Not giving us the information makes it harder for us to deliver the results you are looking for.

+ What’s the difference between Effortless Digital and a “follow” app?

If you use an app, all of them are paid and the best ones cost almost per month as our service. Our service runs in the cloud so you'd have to be on the app 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in order to do what we can do. Most of the services you sign up for force you to do all of the targeting and research. If you have to take the time to do all of the research, your better off just doing it without them. Plus you'd have to constantly be looking for your target market, hashtags, active followers, etc. Not to mention, liking, unfollowing, commenting or sending messages.

You'd also have to purchase multiple apps, programs and subscriptions in order to do what we do.

TL;DR? In short, we do all the work for you. :)

+ Do you offer a free trial?

No we do not, we know that the results you'll receive are above and beyond our competitors so we do not offer this option. We are not an automated machine that delivers lackluster results, you can cancel at anytime. If you feel that you deserve a refund, e-mail us and we will work with you on your account.

+ What about content? What will you be posting?

Content is always King! The higher quality your content, the more likes, views and follows. And that means more traffic to your site, blog, or conversions to sales for you. We provide you guidance on finding or creating good, high quality content however, your content is always yours.

We help you build your brand on the back end with our software, but we never create or post on your behalf. For those with a need for partially or fully managed accounts, please contact us.

At this time we don't allow adult themed accounts, or accounts that might violate the rules of the individual Terms of Service.

+ What are partially and fully managed accounts?

For partially managed accounts you still create content, however we post fully on your behalf. Always at the optimal time with fully researched hashtags.

For fully managed accounts we will work directly with you on content creation in addition to posting and research. If you need a partially or fully managed account please contact us, we are happy to help.

+ What if I want to cancel?

Once you sign up, you'll receive an initial welcome e-mail with your payment and account details. It will also include a link to cancel payment at any time. We would be sad to see you go, but no hard feelings.

+ How will I gain new followers?

We will be interacting with other potential clients, followers, and accounts on your behalf. When you like or follow someone, they will also like and follow back if they enjoy your accounts content.

+ What is a follower ratio?

A follower ratio is the number of people who follow you divided by the number of people that you follow.


You have 3860 followers and only follow 889. That gives you a 4.34 ratio, meaning that for every one person that you follow, 4.34 follow you. 3860 / 889 = 4.34

As another example, lets say that you have 2252 followers, and you follow 3147. This would give you a negative ratio of .72, meaning that for every one person you follow, only .72 follow back. 2252 / 3147 = .72

So the higher the number, the better.

+ Why is your follower ratio so important?

Some see your ratio as a sign that your account is good to follow, or to not follow. This is called "Social Proof". If lots more people follow you than you follow, your account must be worth following. Same thing for number of likes. If people see that you have hundreds of likes per photo, they are more likely to like that photo as well. Having a positive ratio is important to gaining new and interested followers.

However some accounts buy followers, and we can’t recommend against this enough except in very specific situations. Typically, bot accounts are made to look like real accounts, but they are setup very quickly and may not have been. Even still, they will have very few followers, and a very large number of followings. These tend to get delivered (start following your account) very quickly, which looks suspicious. They also get banned very quickly, which is a waste of money.

+ Why should I unfollow people who don't follow me back?

In our opinion, you shouldn't follow people that don't follow back if you have a negative ratio. They aren't following you back, or even interacting with your account, so it's best to not follow them anyway. There are always accounts you will want to follow, they might be family, friends, co-workers, or perhaps they just inspire you, and that's fine, we can make sure they never get unfollowed.

+ Can I use growth programs or apps with your service?

Good question, and the answer is no*. Our program runs within the limits of what Instagram allows, anything more might result in infractions against your account. This also includes Direct Messaging apps (Instagram). Besides, this is what you pay us for! Please cease using any "growth" apps or Direct Messaging services before signup. We are not responsible for accounts that are suspended or banned if other services are used.

*Hootesuite for Instagram works well for scheduling your own posts and analytics. And Crowdfire works well for Twitter Direct Messaging if you so choose. We cannot recommend against using branded Direct Messaging, as we have noticed accounts that use them tend to get reported and banned.

+ Are there any other actions I can't do while I use your service?

You can manually follow or unfollow other accounts, like, comment, reply or send Direct Messages just as normal. However, we encourage you to make another account of just inspiration accounts or accounts your interested in. Your feed will be much cleaner. We can provide you with the list of followers from your old account or setup a new account for you with just those users. Fees will apply.

+ Can I reply to DM's or comments?

We highly encourage you to reply to any and all comments you receive. You'll notice a larger number of them than ever before. Some will be spammy, but that's just the nature of Instagram and Twitter. However, replying to your new real followers will only help grow your account, drive readers to your blog, or grow your business. Even if you reply to spammy looking comments, your number of comments goes up. It's a win/win either way.

For DM's, especially if your account never or rarely sent or replied to them before, or if you are using it for marketing, might be temporarily unable to send messages. This is usually a temporary throttle they place on your account, and once the error message is clear, our software will re-enable the auto message. This means you'll be able to send messages again.

+ How quickly will I start to see results?

Unlike some sites, we aren't automated bots. Each account is unique and your settings will be too. We do research on your behalf and take time to maximize the campaign for your account to make sure you get the best results! That being said you expect to start seeing results in less than 48 hours.

In order to prevent your account from looking like a bot to Instagram, and since we don’t know how old your account is, if you bought followers, or how active you are, we slowly ramp up your account over the first few weeks. You’ll still see results, but again there are lots of factors to consider. Your accounts safety is our number one priority.

We are not for casual users. We are a service for those that are serious about, or have a need to grow their social media to meet certain goals, whatever those goals may be.

+ How many followers can I expect to gain every day?

There are many factors that can affect the number of followers you can expect to see daily. From the initial size and age of the account, hashtags used and targeted, market niche, size of the market your targeting, to the content that's posted and when. You can expect to grow between 200 - 1000+ new real followers per month! That's a lot of real people who are interested in your content!

+ How do you know who to target?

During on the on-boarding process you'll fill out a questionnaire which helps us figure out your target market. We also make recommendations on our initial consultation before we finish setting up your account. For non-partial or fully managed accounts, you'll have to do a little research on the hashtags and usernames of accounts you want to target. The quality and number of followers you gain will rely on the types of hashtags and usernames you provide. We have done lots of keyword research and will also assist in targeting followers of those hashtags. We can also target users in specific geographic locations, including other businesses ;) . For partial and fully managed accounts, we do all the research for you.

For brands or companies, we work directly with you in order to provide maximum results based on your needs.

+ Will you unfollow people I am already following?

We create a white-list of followers that your accounts were following at the time of on-boarding and make sure to never unfollow them. We strongly suggest not using it, that way if anyone unfollows you, you'll unfollow them back helping you keep your accounts clean and full of interested followers. Unfollowing current followers who don't follow you back is critical to accounts that have a poor initial ratio.

For certain packages, we highly recommend unfollowing anyone who doesn’t follow you back first.

+ How much will I pay for Effortless Digital?

Our service varies according to your needs, you choose our level of interaction. Check out our products and pricing page for more information.

+ Do I have to download an app or a login to manage my accounts?

There's no app, no dashboard, we are a team of real people. Once we setup your account, we are happy to make changes, just send us an e-mail. Spend your time creating content and maximizing your hashtags, leave the rest to us.

+ Will it look bad for my brand to be following so many accounts?

When we bring you on-board, we suggest purging your account of all the followers who don't reciprocate, that is, follow you back. This may take a few days depending on your account, however it's an absolute necessity. The closer you stay to a positive ratio, the more people will follow you based solely on the theory of social proof.

If you start our service with a larger number of followings than followers, as most accounts do, then there should be no change in perception, and once we purge non-followers it should improve your brand greatly. If your account has more followers than followings, your ratio will be the same or better when the service ends.

We make sure to check your account daily for people that have unfollowed you, and we remove them. Always keeping your account as full of followers who are interested in you and your content as possible. If you cancel your service, we will unfollow users who didn't follow you back free for up to 30 days after cancellation.

+ Can I do this myself?

You could do all of this yourself but you’d have to pay for multiple programs, apps, and subscriptions. Not to mention spending hours every day doing this as I had to (that’s why I wrote this program and developed these methods).

The point behind what we do at Effortless Digital is to make your workload easier, so you spend less time growing your social media, and more time focusing on killer content, closing sales, or just running your day to day business.

+ Is this safe for my accounts?

We make sure that we are always up to date on the rules of Instagram to ensure that your accounts are never penalized for any sort of infractions. Newer accounts grow the slowest, as the rules for brand new accounts differ greatly from seasoned ones.