If you are a small business, why do you need a Social Media Manager?

There are 5 major reasons why you should have your social media outsourced #socialmedia

If you are a small business, why do you need a Social Media Manager?

Social media is one of the most powerful and influential tools that a business can utilize in 2017 to increase sales and promote brand awareness. Think about it, there is not a day that goes by where you or someone around you doesn’t check their social media.  In truth, we are so glued to our smartphones that there are actual medical conditions associated with overuse (Nomophobia and The Smartphone Neck to name a few). As a business owner, this behavior should excite you and make you scream YYEEESSS! People are basically begging you to put exciting and interesting content in the palm of their hand. With social media being such a powerful tool (low cost/high return), it would make sense to hire someone to run your social media that knows how to harness its power.

There are many reasons to outsource your social media manager but checkout our top 5 reasons below:


Outsourcing your social media per month will typically cost less than a part-time associate. Just think about it, say goodbye to all the training costs associated with a new associate, no sick days, no medical/dental benefits to subsidize, or unemployment insurance to cover. A social media management company has a team of minions working for you (not just one part time associate) to spread your message to the world.


Just because Joe on your accounting team has a Facebook account and posts selfies with his friends on the weekend, doesn’t mean he is the right person to run your social media campaigns for your business. Each platform is very different and requires the expertise and knowledge of how they differ, how to post, what to post and what is actually going to gain attention of new potential customers. Anyone can tweet, or post, but  putting those tweets/posts in front of the right people is what matters. Don’t let your Instagram posts get pushed down in the feed or your tweets lost out into the “tweetisphere.”


Studies show that most small businesses spend between 6-10 hours per week creating content, posting and responding to comments on social media. That’s more than 1 full day of work! Think about what you could accomplish with 1 whole day of your time given back to you. How many new clients can you connect with? How many new relationships can you build and how many existing relationships will you be able to strengthen. Just imagine what projects you could finish or what new projects you could start.


Many small businesses have one person running their social media, and this person typically does not have a background in social media marketing. Studies have shown that these associates are excited for the task at hand, but really don’t know what to post, when to post or where to start. Example – “I know I need to do this social media thing, but I don’t know what to say… so here’s a cat video for the day…I hope it gets some likes.” Sound familiar?

Social Media Management companies will create a written strategy that is clearly defined based on your business goals. They will work with you to make adjustments and deliver results.  Having a clearly defined strategy and plan is essential for social media success.


Social Media Management companies will provide detailed analytics and insights on your customers. They will be able to break down the information so that it is easily digestible and you will be able to see the impact your social media campaigns had on your business. This type of information is priceless and will help you figure out what is working and what needs to be revised.  


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